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Why Life-FEC Consultants Ltd.?

Why choose Life-FEC Consultants Ltd. over other competitors offering the same courses and services? The answer is simple. At Life-FEC Consultants Ltd., we believe that in order for training to be effective and long lasting, it must be taught to the level of the student, whether the student has little or no knowledge of the subject or if the student has advanced knowledge of the material.

Our realistic and pragmatic approach to teaching will provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively deal with an emergency situation. Our unique teaching methods and memory aids together with our experienced, entertaining and non-intimidating instructors will make your learning experience an enjoyable one that will not be soon forgotten.

See why more and more people are switching and coming back to Life-FEC Consultants Ltd. for their training...

Top '10' Reasons

1 REPUTATION - Life-FEC Consultants Ltd. has earned a reputation for teaching excellence by providing individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, corporations, governments and hospitals with outstanding training since 1988.

2 ACCREDITATION - We are a Training Partner of the Canadian Red Cross. All CPR courses follow the B.C. Heart & Stroke Foundation, American Heart Association and JAMA Guidelines your assurance of accurate and quality training. Our courses are fully recognized by ACE, BCPRA and CAIN.

3 CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE - With thousands of satisfied clients trained annually we guarantee to provide you with the most comprehensive and REALISTIC First Aid, Safety, and Survival training available today.

4 INSTRUCTORS - Our instructors are experienced, dynamic and motivating teaching professionals who employ the most effective teaching techniques available today. We GUARANTEE you superior instruction through our 'in-house' instructor-training program.

5 TEACHING METHODS - We emphasize a practical and realistic 'hands-on' approach using simplified acronyms and visualization. Our training is designed to be remembered practical, no-nonsense course content focuses only on key learning points.

6 EQUIPMENT - We are equipped with the latest in audio-visual technology, charts and functional models to enhance student learning and retention plus we provide each student with their own training manikin to maximize practice time and learning effectiveness.

7 REALISM! - We offer the most REALISTIC, ENTERTAINING, FUN and MOTIVATING CPR and First Aid training in British Columbia. Our courses must be experienced! Unlike traditional training which is dry, mundane and BORING! Our courses stimulate students to enjoy their learning experience. ONLY Life-FEC Consultants Ltd. uses 'Anatomic Annies' to visualize and demonstrate the anatomic and physiologic effects of CPR and theatrical stage make-up (moulage) in its First Aid programs to recreate exciting, dramatic and realistic casualty scenarios.

8 CONVENIENCE & FLEXIBILITY - We will provide you and your staff with convenient and flexible training, morning, afternoon or evening, weekday, or weekend at any of your designated training sites or at our modern training facility located in Delta, B.C.

9 PRICE $ - We will offer you competitive pricing. The bottom line is that Life-FEC Consultants Ltd. can provide you with the finest CPR and First Aid Training available today and at a price that will be more economical than your present provider.

10 THE BOTTOM LINE - Repeat customers! A happy customer is a repeat customer. Our students keep returning year after year. See our testimonials for living proof!

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